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Kalua Pig - Crock Pot
Submitted by Karan Pua Spencer

NOTE: This recipe won't feed many.
For larger parties use the oven version.

Pork butt or shoulder
SIZE? - Depends upon how large your crock pot is.
I use an 8 inch piece in the pot. Aloha Joe>

2 cups Apple Cider

Just regular Apple Cider...non-alcoholic
(I.E. "Tree Top Brand")
Gene Uttenger in Seattle says he use
"PINEAPPLE JUICE and it worked GREAT!!!
1/2 cap Liquid Smoke********

NOTE: You can use TURKEY in place of the PORK!


Early in the day, put pork butt (or shoulder)

Add Apple Cider (or Pineapple Juice)
& Liquid Smoke.

Turn CROCK POT on LOW and leave it alone till evening.
(Cook 9 - 10 hours)

Take meat out of CROCK POT and shred.
(Salt to taste) THAT'S IT!!!

Karan note: Use cheap cut of pork for this recipe.
Leftovers taste great with cabbage.
It freezes well too. And everybody loves it!!!
"I just wanted to tell you I tried the Crock Pot
Kalua Pig recipe you have on your web site.
My husband and son loved it. It had a little to much
liquid smoke for me, but it was still good.
I think I will use a little less when I make it again.
My husband Jim told me I can make it again anytime.
I even cooked potatoes in it and it gave them a lot of flavor."
Gene Uttenger - Seattle, Washinton:
"I used Pineapple juice instead of the Apple Cider
...and it was GREAT!!"
LIQUID SMOKE can be found in most markets in the BBQ Section. It might also be called
"Hickory Flavoring"

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